Deaf Action Center

Serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities in North Texas

Advocacy Communication Empowerment

Deaf Action Center is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that stands on three pillars of service: Advocacy, Communication, and Empowerment (A.C.E).

Our Services

Deaf Action Center operates a combination of programs strategically developed to advocate for and serve deaf and hard of hearing individuals in North Texas.
A photo of an interpreted interaction between three women. The black woman on the right has curly hair pulled up, is wearing glasses and a black blazer, and seems to be interpreting a message to the white woman on the left. The woman in the middle, a white woman with short blonde hair and glasses, is speaking while looking at the woman on the left.


We offer American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting and Communication Access Real Time (CART) services at competitive prices for businesses, conferences, hospitals, schools, and more.

Here to Serve You

Support for All

Regardless of whether you’re deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, or just looking to learn more about deaf culture, you’re welcome at Deaf Action Center. We’re here to serve as a resource, support, and education center for all.

Community-Based Solutions

Deaf Action Center is led by members of the communities we serve. Many of our staff are deaf or hard of hearing, making our employees uniquely equipped for the work we do.

Communication Access

Our interpreting and captioning services are available 24-7 for all your communication needs. With experience in education, legal, medical, and community settings, our providers are highly qualified and ready to work with you.

Client Testimonials

"My daughter was in labor for 18 hours, and the Deaf Action Center provided sign language interpreters 24 hours a day until my daughter was released. Thank you so much, you do not know how much this meant."
- ST
"I recommend Deaf Action Center because they really care about the Deaf Community. They really focus on their Deaf consumers' needs. They are activists for us and help to give a voice to the Deaf Community. Plus, they are really great about coordinating interpreters to suit your need. I highly recommend using their services, volunteer with them, donate to them, or work for them. They're awesome!"
- Rebekah
"It's a great place, they really help you out."
- Stephen
A photo of a light-skinned woman with long brown hair wearing a grey long-sleeved shirt and jeans, sitting on a grey couch and signing THANK YOU to the camera while smiling. There is a white wall and a window behind her.

Every dollar makes a difference!

You can be a part of the work we’re doing. Help us serve thousands of deaf and hard of hearing clients each year by making a donation today.