Back to School Yet Again

As we head into fall and school starts back up, DAC’s YETs (Youth Education and Transition Services) program is also headed back into classrooms, both in person and virtually. YETs assists students who are almost ready to enter the workforce or secondary education but aren’t quite there yet. Through courses focused on self-advocacy training, work-readiness, and work-based learning, students become prepared to step into the next phase of life with confidence. 

One teacher who is excited to have her students involved in this year’s YETs program is Lauren White. Ms. White’s classes have benefitted in the past from workshops provided by different DAC programs, but YETs will offer a more focused, dynamic learning environment for students. “I’m looking forward to collaborating with DAC in my classroom this year,” said Ms. White. “We’ve had such great experiences with DAC in former years.” Analynn Bartlett, a Deaf Education Supervisor, also sees the potential benefits of students working with the YETs program. “I feel his is a great opportunity for our current Deaf students to work with and learn from Deaf adults,” she said. “I am also looking forward to our students seeing Deaf adult role models working and living in today’s world.” Any parents, guardians, educators, or administrators who are interested in learning more about the program may reach out to Janira Benitez at or 214-901-1868.

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