Broadening My Awareness…

Date: September 6, 2018

  Lisa Wyly, DAC Board Member

When I think of what Deaf Action Center Texas means to me, I think of “Broadening Horizons”.

I first heard this phrase from an elder who told me, “college would broaden my horizons.” I took this to mean more choices and opportunities for myself. Years later and being involved with Deaf Action Center and the Deaf community, individuals from all walks of life comprised of Deaf, Deaf Blind, Hard of hearing, late deafened, I see how this phrase has come to mean broadening my awareness, opening my mind to greater possibilities and stretching understanding. I see how systems can have narrow, limiting views of people who deviate from a certain kind of “normal”. This limited view deprives society of profound ability, diversity of thought and talent.

Deaf Action Center values, utilizes and celebrates this diversity.

Not only does Deaf Action Center serve the Deaf community, people of the community are providing those services.

At every level, Deaf people are in charge of making decisions for the community and being held accountable by the community.

I am grateful to Deaf Action Center for allowing me to serve on their Board, for helping me to gain new insights and for broadening my awareness. How can you broaden your awareness to give back to the Deaf community?

Broaden your awareness by supporting Deaf Action Center (DAC) on this day: September 20th!

To support the DAC mission, on September 20th click this link anytime between 6 am and midnight and donate. YOUR GIFT WILL BE DOUBLED:

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