We offer Basic American Sign Language Classes!

DAC offers a program to introduce the community at large to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture. The program is to encourage students to appreciate and have better understanding of the intricate language and its rich culture. A Deaf instructor, Dava Tutt, who has many years of experience in teaching the course, teaches the program. The course entails the introduction of American Sign Language vocabulary, fingerspelling, and grammar.

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Dava Tutt

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Register before classes are full. If you have additional questions, feel free to email dava.tutt@dactexas.org.


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Deaf Action Center works to ensure that all families with Deaf children have access to ASL to communicate with their child. You can help us with this mission! Please consider sponsoring a parent of a Deaf child to access our ASL classes.

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We also offer Pre- ETS courses!

We have three Pre-ETS courses provided through our Youth Education Transition Services Program (YETs).

YETs Courses: Work Readiness, Self- Advocacy, and Work-Based Learning.

Learning Objectives:
Self Advocacy

After completing the Self Advocacy course, successful students should know their rights to equal opportunity and the importance of advocating for themselves and others. Students should know about available resources and how to access them, understand how to use various forms of technology for communication access, and build confidence and self-esteem by learning best practices when interpreting services.

Work Readiness

After completing the Work Readiness course, students should have a complete portfolio to include an individually constructed resume, cover letter template, and reference list. Students will know where to start looking for employment and the employment hiring process. They will learn about standard workplace rules and etiquette and how that directly relates to employer expectations. They will continue to hone soft critical skills through mock interviews and learn how and when to request accommodations in the workplace. Finally, they will understand that dream jobs don’t fall into your lap; they will need to work towards their goals with internships, volunteering, and gain job experience that aligns with their dreams.

Work-Based Learning

Through this course, students will have the opportunity for hands-on learning and mentorship while they use the skills they’ve learned in the first two courses and apply them to real-world scenarios. Students will roleplay and hone their skills prior to meeting real employers with mock interviews, internships, and volunteer work.

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