Come and learn Basic American Sign Language!

DAC offers a program to introduce the community at large to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture. The program is to encourage students to appreciate and have better understanding of the intricate language and its rich culture. A Deaf instructor, Dava Tutt, who has many years of experience in teaching the course, teaches the program. The course entails the introduction of American Sign Language vocabulary, fingerspelling, and grammar.

Meet the Deaf Instructor!

Dava Tutt

Current Summer Classes in Sessions:

ASL 101 classes are currently in session.

ASL 102 will start June 2nd, 2020 (Tuesdays)

ASL 103 will start June 3rd, 2020 (Wednesdays)

The next ASL 101 classes will start on July 22nd, 2020 (Wednesdays)

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