STAFF Requests

  • DAC Staff OOO or Remote Work Request

    1. You can use this form to request:
      • Paid Time off (PTO)
      • Unpaid Leave (if you have run out of PTO)
      • PTO without using Leave Balance (From Oasis)- Very specific requirements
      • Remote Work -Very specific requirements
    2. Paid Time Off-
      1. Please refer to the DAC Handbook for policy guidelines if you request PTO.
      2. After submitting this request here, you will receive approval via email from your supervisor.
      3. Log into OTK to input your time there for payroll purposes.
      4. Put it in your DAC Calendar and share
        1. PTO (NAME)
        2. Full-Day or times (start/end) you will be OOO
        3. Busy or Out of Office
        4. Invite:
  • Staff Out of Area Professional Development/Travel Request

    • This is where you can request out-of-area PD or training.
    • Understand that the form must be completed in its entirety for your training to be approved by the admin team. Be sure to prepare information for the conference/training, individual training/workshops, tentative travel itinerary, and lodging.
  • DAC Staff Technology Maintenance Request

    • This is the first step for any technology issue you are having with
      • Hardware Devices:
        • Laptops
        • Desktops
        • Screens
        • Phones
      • Internet Connection
      • Software:
        • Microsoft
        • iCloud
        • Google
        • Slack
        • Zoom
      • VideoPhones
  • DAC Event Space Reservation Request

    • Please use this request to reserve any spaces at the Dallas Office, including conference rooms, computer rooms, and recreational spaces.
    • Be sure to read the directions thoroughly.
    • You should receive a response within 24/48 hours of your request.

Human Resource Links

  • Oasis Login

    • (Pay Summary, Pay Stubs, Training, DAC Handbook, Performance Reviews, and Evaluations)
  • MileIQ- Automatically Track Your Mileage

    • This is where you should report all of your mileage and submit it to accounting during the first week of the following month.
      • Ex: Submit the Mileage Report for May to accounting by the end of the first week of June.
  • DAC Injury or Accident Report Form

    • Use this form if any person(s) are injured or involved in an accident on DAC property or within DAC vehicles.
      • Notice:
        • You will need to include the information and signature of the injured person as well as any witnesses. This can be accessed on an Ipad, Phone, or Laptop.
        • This is where you should report all accidents/incidents. Be specific and focus on the facts.
        • This does NOT replace the need to notify an administrator.
  • DAC Incident Form

    • This form is NOT for physical injuries (please see above).
    • This form is specific to incidents that need to be reported to the admin related to one or more of the following:
      • Property Damage or Theft
      • Discrimination and Harassment



DAC Calendars



  • STAFF Photo Drive

    • Please upload it to THIS folder.
      ***If you need photos (contact development first, and they can be sure you have the best photos that suit your needs).



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