The Scholarship Fund of Esther Kelly

An opportunity to contribute to a permanent fund that directly supports educational advancement opportunities for our hard of hearing clients.

Welcome to The Scholarship Fund of Esther Kelly, where your gift will have a direct impact on hard of hearing services’ ability to be able to maintain and continue ongoing education to serve DAC’s clients.

By help supporting this fund, we are investing in the future of our hard of hearing employees and the future of our community. Since the inception of DAC’s Hard of Hearing program in 1996, we have served over 262, 200 individuals who were faced with progressive and sudden hearing loss. At DAC, we recognize the emotional impact of losing hearing and needing the mentorship on how to cope. DAC also recognizes that with the hearing loss of many hearing individuals, they CAN find confidence and self-assurance in their new journey.

Thank you for your support!

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