Donor Spotlight

We appreciate each gift given to Deaf Action Center and all the many ways people choose to give. We are highlighting two DAC donors to explain how and why they support our work…

Mallory Rosenburg, ASL Interpreter

Why did you choose to give through Facebook’s Birthday Fundraiser?

Facebook is a convenient way to share fundraisers to the masses. 100% of the donations go to the charity or organization of your choosing. It is so straightforward; I would be remiss not to use it.

Why did you choose DAC?

They are Deaf-led, and truly care about the D/deaf community. One of several programs they offer benefits senior citizens so they’re able to engage in social outings. Of course, these events, the transportation, meals, etc. can be costly. Fundraising is key to keeping these programs going!

How are you connected to DAC?

DAC has played a monumental role in my life, and career as a sign language interpreter. When I was an ASL student, my classmates and I went to socialize, and immerse ourselves in Deaf culture. I was always welcomed by staff, and community members. I have also volunteered, and even worked at the front desk one summer. Now, I contract with DAC as an interpreter. I appreciate that they respect consumers’ communication and interpreter preferences. 

Edward Bart, ASL Teacher

Why did your students choose to do a fundraiser? 

Landry Diercks, the president of the Lovejoy ASL Honor Society, also works for JC’s Burger in Allen, and was able to arrange for 20% of proceeds from food sales to go towards DAC. Each year the Lovejoy HS ASL Honor Society tries to do a fundraiser, which has been difficult in past years. Ms. Diercks was able to set up the fundraiser easily with JC’s Burger because she could work with the manager. 

Why did they choose DAC? 

The students chose DAC based on the recommendation of their teacher, myself. DAC is a non-profit focused on giving back to the Deaf Community, and has many Deaf employees who maintain a Deaf-centered approach to DAC’s services. We can trust that the money we give to DAC will go where it is needed, maybe to Deaf senior citizens, or to programs supporting hearing parents learning about Deaf children’s needs, or to interpreting services.

How are you and your students connected to DAC?

I frequently use DAC’s interpreting services, for both personal and professional needs. In fact, the interpreters for the ASL Honor Society Induction ceremony were provided by DAC. Some of the advanced ASL students watch the videos put out by DAC about interpreting services and accessibility to learn more about the issues that Deaf people still face today.

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