VRI Interpreting Space

VRI Interpreting Space

VRI interpreters realize the importance of a workpace setup with adequate lighting, comfortable and professional seating, flexibility for sight lines to each video screen, high quality internet and cameras and microphones, no envionmental noise, and a clean professional space and backdrop. We have taken the work of setting up your VRI space for you. All you need to bring is your personal technology (laptop) and reserve your timespot.

Room Reservations

Professional Workspace

Thank you for reserving a room here at Deaf Action Center.

As we strive to innovate and continually improve ours services here at DAC to build up our Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, we have learned that professional workspace is a commodity not everyone has access to. We now have rooms available for reservation.

We have carefully designed our setup with attention to lighting, background, and sound.

The room setup avoids light sources behind the user to include windows or extra lighting. There will not be any backlighting or the distracting halo effect behind your face while signing.

The background provided is plain and uncluttered, and the room will not be disturbed or distracted by visitors or external sounds during your reservation.

Users can reserve this space for a variety of personal/business needs:
Zoom Meetings
VRI schedules
Interpreting online
and more.

We hope you find value in the spaces that we have provided and look forward to your feedback.


  1. Register for first-time use
  2. Read and Sign Room Use Agreement
  3. Read Room Rules and Guidelines
  4. Reserve Room through Calendly with payment
  1. Read Room Rules and Guidelines
  2. Reserve room through Calendly with payment
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