Named after the 19th century “Deaf Utopia” island in Massachusetts, the Martha’s Vineyard Place is an affordable housing accessible to the Deaf, hard of hearing and Deaf-blind. The innovated apartments do more than integrating the Deaf and hard of hearing individuals; it allows both preservation of their heritage and elimination of barriers.


Because Deaf senior citizens are as important, the program ensures and encourages the growth of the growing and active Deaf adult population through interactive activities, trips, and special events. Conveniently, transportation (requested in advance) is provided for the Deaf seniors. The program also offers on-site information and referral services.


Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals face barriers daily due to a lack of services and effective communication that require education and support. That’s where our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Access Specialists come in to provide advocacy, self-empowerment, and sensitivity training as well as education on Federal and State mandates on equal access to services including educational and employment settings.


Deaf-run interpreting department provides only certified, qualified sign language interpreters in a wide range of settings. Services include in-person (on location) interpretation services, VRI, and CART. Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is where the Deaf and hearing persons are in the same room with the interpreting done remotely through a video platform. Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), also known as real-time captioning or live-event captioning, is where qualified CART interpreters transcribe spoken English into accurate English text on a screenThe department is dedicated to delivering equal communication access for the Deaf and hard of hearing community and helping fulfill DAC’s mission.


Losing your hearing can be an isolating experience especially for hard of hearing or late-deafened individuals. Our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Technology Specialists are here to provide individualized case management to provide exactly what you need, be it: technology assistance, education and/or coping strategies to those living with hearing loss of any degree. Clients can visit our technology center to personally browse and test various assistive devices to determine the most effective device for their workplace or social needs. Our specialists in Fort Worth and Dallas connects these individuals to available resources and to TWC VR offices.


The state’s Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP) is a voucher program that provides financial assistance with acquiring specialized assistive phone technology. It is available to Texas residents who experience certifiable difficulties or barriers accessing the telephone infrastructure. DAC’s STAP Outreach Specialists in Fort Worth and Dallas are available to assist you with the application process both in and out of the office.

Youth Education Transition Services (YETS)

When the students learn how to self-advocate and understand workplace rules, they can implement the tools they learned in their future employment and life in general. Our Youth Education Transition Services (YETs) Program provides this training in American Sign Language so that students ages 14-22 have access to training in their native language. We host six-week training on zoom and on-campus at local schools. We ensure all students have access to the accommodations they need for communication to be successful learners and provide students with many opportunities to collaborate and practice their skills. We designed our three-course program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth to learn how to advocate for themselves, practice communication strategies for success and understand their rights and how to navigate the world through a Deaf Empowered Lense.

ASL Classes

Our American Sign Language program is ready to serve our community by providing ASL classes that cover individual sign vocabulary, fingerspelling, grammar, syntax, and deaf culture. Everyone picks up new languages at different speeds, and our instructor is patient and friendly and will help you learn the language at a pace that works for you.

Why You Should Choose DAC

24/7 Interpreting Support
24/7 Support
Our round-the-clock staff are ready to provide interpreting services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. It is extremely important to us that the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing get what they need anytime.
Reliable Service
Reliable Services
Our staff are carefully employed based on education, experience, qualities and performance. Trust is vital as it serves a pivotal role in our relationship with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community we serve.
Community Based Solutions
Community Based Solutions
DAC's Deaf-centric staff is constantly developing effective approaches to solve the social, political and ecological issues our community face. We aim for our community to move forward through ideal solutions. Ultimately, it is our goal to strengthen the community as a whole.
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