Serving In Your Own Capacity

Date: September 19, 2018

  Holly Cates, DAC Board Member

I have been serving DAC for many years in a variety of ways.
I have served as a volunteer,
then as an employee,
and now I am currently a board member.

I loved working for DAC. I had originally set up a children’s program, and an after-school program in partnership with some of the area independent school districts.

I remember sitting in my office at DAC one day and working at my desk. On the floor were coloring pictures and chatting with me are three young children. I never minded having children in my office. I loved it. I loved the bonds I had made with the kids from the education program. I loved providing a comfortable place for them to come when they needed a teacher, case manager, or someone to just listen.

I also remember the supplies that were purchased from my own paycheck. I remember having to beg, borrow, and beg some more for supplies, snacks for the students, and volunteers. I shouldn’t have been too surprised when people from the community would donate money, time, and snacks so that this program could exist. I look back fondly on those days. I still see those kids from the program every once in awhile and we reminisce about that time in their lives. That is why DAC is so vital to the Deaf community.

And it’s also the reason why we need people like you to give, so other students can have a comfort zone of their own in their community.

Come and join me in supporting DAC and make your contributions TOMORROW, September 20th!

Broaden your awareness by supporting Deaf Action Center (DAC) on this day: September 20th!

To support the DAC mission, on September 20th click this link anytime between 6 am and midnight and donate. YOUR GIFT WILL BE DOUBLED:

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