Take Back Control of Your Interpreter Preferences

Date: April 9, 2019

  Eric Patterson, DAC Contributor

As a deaf run agency, we value the importance of getting the right interpreter. Community out there should get the best quality interpreter and not have to worry about break in communication, immersion, or misunderstandings due to unqualified interpreters.

We realize that sometimes even the best agency can assign interpreters that not good fit. We feel that majority of community are satisfied with our services but every now and then a situation pops up where the consumer is NOT happy with our interpreters. Difficult for us to know which interpreter to assign if we’ve never met deaf person, don’t know sign style, or receive feedback from person in relation to our interpreters.


That’s why I want to inform you that you DO have a say in who your interpreter is with us. We want you to speak to us so we can better serve you. Let us know if interpreter not good fit- its fine – we will NOT be offended! Go ahead and be as direct as you want with us. Call us, VP, text! Important that you let us know so we can work to get you the right interpreter moving forward.

Also – our interpreters all carry business cards that allow you to contact us directly so if situation happens where you’re not satisfied with one of our interpreters, the card will allow you to call us directly and share feedback and help us start building a preferred list of interpreters for you. If you see a badge, feel free to take picture of the badge to make it easier for you to remember who your interpreter is when you call us!

Our goal is to simplify the convenience of you getting the right interpreter every time. Help us help you take back control of your assignments! Give us a call today!


VP – 972-850-7365

Email – eric.patterson@dactexas.org

Text – 469-371-8508

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